Short Sale Advantages

The following bullet points outline the advantages of a short sale, and why they succeed or fail.  
These are in general terms and can vary with each lender and each sale.
Advantages for the Seller to Short Sale
  • Debt forgiveness has been extended by the Federal Government
  • Start over quicker
  • May stop and or postpone the foreclosure process
  • No foreclosure on your credit report
  • Typical only affects FICO score by as little as 50 points
  • Avoid the stress of a foreclosure
  • Allow you to buy a home again sooner
  • Most banks offer cash back or financial relocation assistance
  • Lenders usually pay all the closing costs and broker commission – No cost to you.
  • Live mortgage free during the short sale process
  • Security Clearance may not be affected
  • Being responsible and doing the right thing

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IRS Form 4056-Request for Transcript of Tax Return

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Advantages for the Lender to Short Sale


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Advantages for the Community & Neighborhood to Short Sale


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